“Photography is more than a medium of factual communication of ideas. It is a creation of art.” -Ansel Adams

I have been doing photography since graduating high school in India, and freelancing in the Greater Boston area since 2003. During this time I have built a network of valuable clients.
My work is inspired by the world around me and the people I meet.

I specialize in interior and architectural photography. My clients vary from construction companies to interior designers. My mission as a photographer is to showcase the culmination of lighting, structural and aesthetic design in an image. I create a photograph that portrays the space true to form, yet inviting. The transformation of a space into an image that illustrates its purpose through the creative medium of photography- this is what keeps me inspired to provide my clients the best visual rendition of their work.   


I also have a passion for alternative photography. I make fine art prints using the Cyanotype process. My exploration of the process led me to create Cyanotype lampshades. There are other home decor projects in the works which will be released soon. My desire to photograph interiors has contributed to creating these products, which give any space a lot of personality.


Many elements of photography come together in my work, which keeps me busy and creative. When I am not building lamps, or on assignment or photographing the world around me, I am spending time with my friends, or my husband and two boys. I can also be very easily talked into going for a hike or watching a movie.


Thank you for visiting ThumatiPics!

Sri Thumati


"Sri has a wonderful eye for detail and an instinctive approach for finding her subject's most unique and photogenic features. She is a talented, collaborative professional, and a delight to work with – her thoughtful and creative ideas are always in the service of the clients’ vision. Whether documenting our completed construction projects or taking portraits of the team for our website profiles, Sri is the only photographer we think of to call to highlight the work we do. We highly recommend Thumatipics!"

Terrence Hayes - President, Siena Construction


"Working with Sri has been a great combination of professionalism and creativity. What I want in the photographs of my newly finished residential properties isn’t simple.  Sri’s understanding of the “story” of the house is key.  She captures the flow of space and feel of the home by guiding the viewer’s eye.  She listens and learns about my particular needs and quirks, even when it’s mundane archival work.  Sri keeps at it through shooting and editing until she has the photos you want, and with quick turnaround time.  Working with Sri over many projects has enhanced our communication, resulting in a more efficient process and even better photos."

Erika Woodhouse- Nicholwood, LLC


"It may seem strange to hear that a lamp has totally remade a room, but for me this is true. Now, when I enter my room, a gentle light warms the space. But, it's more than the light warming the space. It's the art the light facilitates. The light and the dramatic blue hue of the shade provide a perfect surface for jellyfish to cavort across. Sri's work will deepen your love for the space around you."

-Sarah Gupta/ A Cyanotype handmade lamp owner